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Product Details:
Model Number: NS800N
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Box Packing
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: in stock
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Mobile Phone:+86 13025157392(WhatsApp)

Our advantages:
1.New and Original
2.In Stock
3.Best Price
4.Fast Delivery
5.One Year Warranty


Our main brand:Allen Bradley,ABB,Honeywell,Schneider,GE Fanuc,Ovation,Bently Nevada,Triconex,Foxboro,Yokogawa,etc module.

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We also supply:

NSX100F (36kA 380/415 V)
NSX100F TM16D 3P3D LV429637 LV429647 LV429657
NSX100F TM25D 3P3D LV429636 LV429646 LV429656
NSX100F TM32D 3P3D LV429635 LV429645 LV429655
NSX100F TM40D 3P3D LV429634 LV429644 LV429654
NSX100F TM50D 3P3D LV429633 LV429643 LV429653
NSX100F TM63D 3P3D LV429632 LV429642 LV429652
NSX100F TM80D 3P3D LV429631 LV429641 LV429651
NSX100F TM100D 3P3D LV429630 LV429640 LV429650
NSX160F (36kA 380/415 V)
NSX160F TM80D 3P3D LV430633 LV430643 LV430653
NSX160F TM100D 3P3D LV430632 LV430642 LV430652
NSX160F TM125D 3P3D LV430631 LV430641 LV430651
NSX160F TM160D 3P3D LV430630 LV430640 LV430650
NSX250F (36 kA 380/415 V)
NSX250F TM125D 3P3D LV431633 LV431643 LV431653
NSX250F TM160D 3P3D LV431632 LV431642 LV431652
NSX250F TM200D 3P3D LV431631 LV431641 LV431651
NSX250F TM250D 3P3D LV431630 LV431640 LV431650
NSX400F 36kA 380/415V
NSX400F MIC2.3 250A 3P3D LV432682 LV432683
NSX400F MIC2.3 400A 3P3D LV432676 LV432677
NSX630F 36kA 380/415V
NSX630F MIC2.3 630A 3P3D LV432876 LV432877
NSX100F MA2.5A LV429745 891
NSX100F MA6.3A LV429744 891
NSX100F MA12.5A LV429743 891
NSX100F MA25A LV429742 891
NSX100F MA50A LV429741 891
NSX100F MA100A LV429740 891
NSX160F MA100A LV430831 1302
NSX160F MA150A LV430830 1572
NSX250F MA150A LV431749 2234
NSX250F MA220A LV431748 2263
NSX100F 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A
NSX160F 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A 125A 160A
NSX250F 3P/4P 125A 160A 200A 250A
NSX400F 3P/4P 250A 350A 400A
NSX630F 3P/4P 500A 630A
NSX100N 50kA 380/415V
NSX100N TM16D 3P3D LV429847 LV429857 LV429867
NSX100N TM25D 3P3D LV429846 LV429856 LV429866
NSX100N TM32D 3P3D LV429845 LV429855 LV429865
NSX100N TM40D 3P3D LV429844 LV429854 LV429864
NSX100N TM50D 3P3D LV429843 LV429853 LV429863
NSX100N TM84D 3P3D LV429842 LV429852 LV429862
NSX100N TM80D 3P3D LV429841 LV429851 LV429861
NSX100N TM100D 3P3D LV429840 LV429850 LV429860
NSX160N (36kA 380/415 V)
NSX160N TM80D 3P3D LV430843 LV430853 LV430863
NSX160N TM100D 3P3D LV430842 LV430852 LV430862
NSX160N TM125D 3P3D LV430841 LV430851 LV430861
NSX160N TM160D 3P3D LV430840 LV430850 LV430860
NSX250N (36 kA 380/415 V)
NSX250N TM125D 3P3D LV431833 LV431843 LV431853
NSX250N TM160D 3P3D LV431832 LV431842 LV431852
NSX250N TM200D 3P3D LV431831 LV431841 LV431851
NSX250N TM250D 3P3D LV431830 LV431840 LV431850
NSX400N 50kA 380/415V
NSX400N MIC2.3 250A 3P3D LV432707 LV432708
NSX400N MIC2.3 400A 3P3D LV432693 LV432694
NSX630N 50kA 380/415V
NSX630N MIC2.3 630A 3P3D LV432893 LV432894
NSX100N 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A
NSX160N 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A 125A 160A
NSX250N 3P/4P 125A 160A 200A 250A
NSX400N 3P/4P 250A 350A 400A
NSX630N 3P/4P 500A 630A
HSX100H 70KA 380/415V
HSX100H TM16D 3P3D LV429677 LV429687 LV429697
HSX100H TM25D 3P3D LV429676 LV429669 LV429696
HSX100H TM32D 3P3D LV429675 LV429685 LV429695
HSX100H TM40D 3P3D LV429674 LV429684 LV429694
HSX100H TM50D 3P3D LV429673 LV429683 LV429693
HSX100H TM67D 3P3D LV429672 LV429682 LV429692
HSX100H TM80D 3P3D LV429671 LV429681 LV429691
HSX100H TM100D 3P3D LV429670 LV429680 LV429690
HSX160H 70KA 380/415V
HSX160H TM80D 3P3D LV430673 LV430683 LV430693
HSX160H TM100D 3P3D LV430672 LV430682 LV430692
HSX160H TM125D 3P3D LV430671 LV430681 LV430691
HSX160H TM160D 3P3D LV430670 LV430680 LV430690
HSX250H 70KA 380/415V
HSX250H TM125D 3P3D LV431673 LV431683 LV431693
HSX250H TM160D 3P3D LV431672 LV431682 LV431692
HSX250H TM200D 3P3D LV431671 LV431681 LV431691
HSX250H TM250D 3P3D LV431670 LV431680 LV431690
HSX400H 70kA 380/415V
HSX400H MIC2.3 250A 3P3D LV432709 LV432710
HSX400H MIC2.3 400A 3P3D LV432695 LV432696
HSX630H 70kA 380/415V
HSX630H MIC2.3 630A 3P3D LV432895 LV432896
HSX100H 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A
HSX160H 3P/4P 16A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A 125A 160A
HSX250H 3P/4P 125A 160A 200A 250A
HSX400H 3P/4P 250A 350A 400A
HSX630H 3P/4P 500A 630A
NSX100NA 3P 100A LV429629 4P LV429639
NSX160NA 3P 160A LV430629 4P LV430639
NSX250NA 3P 250A LV431629 4P LV431639
NSX400NA 3P 400A LV432756 4P LV432757
NSX630NA 3P 630A LV432834 4P LV432835
NS800N 3P/4P 800A MIC2.0
NS1000N 3P/4P 1000A MIC2.0
NS1250N 3P/4P 1250A MIC2.0
NS1600N 3P/4P 1600A MIC2.0
NS800H 3P/4P 800A MIC2.0
NS1000H 3P/4P 1000A MIC2.0
NS1250H 3P/4P 1250A MIC2.0
NS1600H 3P/4P 1600A MIC2.0

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HongKong Glory Automation Equipment Co., Limited

Contact Person: Sunny

Tel: +8613025157392

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